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Our Happy Clients

My search for a teachers’ training institute stopped when the first search result popped up on Google – Daphne’s International Teachers’ Training Institute – run by its dynamic director, Mrs.Daphne Paulose, with her passion for innovative teaching.This institute brings about a ‘new you’; making learning fun, interesting and triggering the dormant creativity in us. The course motivates us to learn, encouraging a thirst for knowledge interwoven with an overall personality development. The faculty at this institute have immense skills to simplify learning.At the end of the course, we are overwhelmed with satisfaction and a sense of completeness which, according to me, places this institute at the No.1 position in preschool teachers’ training.

Sneha Avinash Rao

Indeed it has been a great pleasure and privilege to be a part of this esteemed institution – Daphne’s International Teachers’ Training Institute , as it has given us the right platform and wonderful opportunity to become effective educators for life.The diploma course is beautifully designed to mould, guide, enrich and prepare us to be humble, determined and confident teachers of the new era.We cherish the wonderful memories at Daphne’s. We promise to take with us all that we have learnt and to face the big world outside with our heads held high and smiles on our faces.

Mariam Abdullah

Teaching was a profession that was completely new to me but was something that I always wanted to do. I am glad that I chose Daphne’s institute to begin this new journey.The course has given me in-depth knowledge which one requires to become an efficient teacher. The subjects are varied yet linked to each other to give us a cohesive training and insight into the teaching-learning process for preschoolers.The group and individual demos have given us the confidence to develop our talents and hone our skills, constantly learning from each other.The P.G. course steered me in the direction of handling special children, making me competent to use various strategies to deal with the growing numbers of such children in today’s classrooms.My teachers were dedicated and inspiring. Coming to Daphne’s was definitely the right choice. Thanks and God bless your good work.

Erina D’souza

I would first like to thank our director, Mrs. Daphne Paulose, for her wonderful idea of starting this institute. My sincere thanks goes to all my teaching staff who have been very sincere, dedicated and ever ready to help.The demo classes that we are made to go through, are a ‘brilliant idea’. The albums we do, give us practical knowledge of how to work and bond with children.I carry good memories with me as I leave this institute. I have built up a lot of confidence to handle young ones- “Yes, I am ready!”

Bindu S.

The course at Daphne’s is vast and detailed, laying emphasis on every minute aspect. Students are made to understand the responsibility of teaching preschoolers from the point of view of an early childhood educator, in a unique manner.The presentations given by the teachers are very detailed yet precise, leaving no room for error. Teachers are always available to clear doubts.The course is a must for anyone interested in the well-being of little ones.

Vindhta K.

Daphne’s Institute has been an eye opener in my career. It has given new light to my teaching experience. This institute brought out the best in me.Having taken a long break from work, I was doubtful in the beginning if I would be able to multitask being a mother and a student. This institute broke all my inhibitions. I was happy about the way I juggled between being a mom and a student. My confidence improved day by day as this institute made me believe in myself.At the end of my course, I evolved as a confident woman with a vision to serve and mould children of the coming generation.


Daphne’s Institute gave a new meaning to my life. After joining this institute, I realised my potential to become a teacher with a difference.Nowadays, teaching has become a commercial enterprise. But after coming to this institute I realised that there still are people who are completely dedicated and devoted to this noble profession.I blossomed as a confident individual after joining this course and endeavor to serve society with the vision given by Daphne’s Institute.

Jyoti Tripathi

The past three months since I joined Daphne’s Institute has been the most exciting phase of my life. Every day presents a new learning experience. My old boring routine has been replaced by a new dynamic beginning that I look forward to each day.We have just completed our creative album – Wow! What an amazing experience it was. It brought out all the hidden skills in me. I found my lost self-confidence and dedication, and most importantly, the ‘I can do’ attitude came back to me. I have become a more understanding mother and a better person, which has been noticed by all.My teachers have been encouraging and always ready to help with a smile.This institute and course appears to me like a ray of sunshine – refreshing and enjoyable. Joining Daphne’s was the best decision in my life.

Sampada Shet

Daphne’s was a life changing experience for me. It was from the content of this course that I realised how complicated a child’s life can be if he/she is not exposed to a proper preschool environment. It brought about changes in my behavior as a parent and lots of positivity as a person.The theory covered all matters that a teacher should know while dealing with children of 2 to 6 years. The theory sessions were excellent and I have never been so attentive in my life. Hats off to the teachers for answering our never ending questions. Montessori materials were introduced slowly and without too much pressure on us students.The demo opportunities brought out the best in us. The albums reinforced the lessons taught, and act as resource files for activities to be done with children. I personally gained a lot of confidence which I could feel during my job interviews.I am proud to be a Daphne’s product.

Seema Gangadharan

This course gave me immense knowledge on the various teaching methods and child rearing practices. The observations and group discussions gave us practical insights into teaching. The workshops held here were also enriching especially the one on Learning Disabilities and Early Intervention Strategies. The staff are very kind, patient and pleasant.On the whole it was a very refreshing experience. I would rate this institute as excellent!

Kavitha N