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Sharadaprasad R.H.

Born in Bengaluru in 1957 into a family of Freedom fighters and educators, Sharadaprasad’s formal schooling experience began at The Home School, Basavangudi, and continued higher secondary at Bangalore High School, Shankarapuram and VVS High School, Rajajinagar. Proudly pursued Pre-University and Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) at Bengaluru’s renowned MES College of Arts and Sciences, Malleswaram. During college days, Sharadaprasad was profoundly impacted by Principal Prof. MPL Shastry, whose thoughts shaped founder consider Teacher Education at Rastriya Vidyalaya Teachers College earning a B.Ed, and further in 1982 to earn Master in Education (M.Ed) majoring in Child Psychology and Child Development, and commenced a challenging but rewarding career at Sri Vani to serve as Founder’s Principal at Basaveshwaranagar.

Fueled by personal aspiration in 1987, personal journey led to higher education in USA to earn a Post-Graduate Degree at University of Missouri-Kansas City concentrating as an Education Specialist (Ed. S) in Urban Leadership and Policy Studies. As a result of a national demonstration grant awarded to Family Study Center, University of Missouri-Kansas City the founder was self taught in Management Information Systems and gained tremendous research experience in Program Evaluation. In 1987, participated in the American Evaluation Association conference in Boston, and presented a paper titled, “Internships in Program Evaluation.” The Program Evaluation Research and Training offered several opportunities to work with Boy Scouts of America, YMCA, YWCA, Dairy Council, Campfire Clubs, Junior League, Boys and Girls Club, and many youth leadership organizations in studying “The Moral Reasoning of Youth Leaders,” based on Theory of Moral Reasoning by Lawrence Kohlberg and Jane Loevinger. As part of Research internship, the exposure into Administration of Justice included working with the Municipal Court in Kansas City on Domestic Abuse dockets, and later with Children’s Mercy Hospital, Kansas City focusing on evaluation of services provided to Cocaine Addicted Infants born to Teenagers at risk both in Kansas City and through telecall across the Nation. As part of a research assistantship worked for the Department of Family Services (DFS), Kansas City, Missouri, in the position of Intensive Community Supervisor monitoring juveniles on probation in close association with DFS case managers.

In 1994, under the leadership of Prof. Joan V. Gallos, D. Ed, founder accepted the position of Editorial Assistant to the Editor, Journal of Management Education (JME) supporting the editor in managing individual submissions from intake, peer review and publication. In 1995 joined Gateway Computers Technical Support Team to be promoted into Major Accounts Technical Trainer at the West Bottoms Call Center. Due to post 9/11 the Gateway layoff affected the industry and made use this opportune time to go back to school. From 2002 – 2007, founder served in NAIC as a Technical Trainer and in 2006 laterally accepted the position of Software Engineer II in the Research wing and decided to come back to India to take care of ailing mother and sister.

In 2008 Sharadaprasad was rehired as the Principal of Sri Vani Public School, Rajajinagar for the ICSE wing and in 2012 was responsible to found Sri Vani International School, affiliated to University of Cambridge, UK offering Corner Stone to IGSE, A and AS Levels of Cambridge International Education and in addition continues to function in addition as Principal and Examinations Officer for Sri Vani International School recognized to quality teaching and excellent performing students year after year. Has participated in several Cambridge Conferences including UK and other locations.

In 2020 reconnected with Daphne Paulose, Founder DITTI (Daphne International Teacher Training Institute) and dedicated to continue the legacy of the fine Early Childhood Teacher Education program, as the sole licensed franchisee in India. Other hobbies and interests include Photography, Indian Classical Music, volunteering in public service in various associations, mentoring and coaching aspirant and practicing Teachers.